Where is my Mojo? 

Confession: I skipped a post on Friday. I really struggled to write blog post for last week, and I kinda threw in the towel for Friday’s post.

The week before I learned some interesting things about myself. We had three days of day long meetings at work (the thing that supports my craft habit and keeps me writing). The first day wasn’t so bad; it was just my team so about 10 people. Then we had a work dinner, where you really have to go, even though it’s after hours. So your work day really ends at 8 pm. But it’s nice to visit with the people from out of town.

It was the next two days that really did me in. Day two was our whole division in a huge room for 10 hours. So about 75-100 people all together. People from out of town, with new germs… And then a team building exercise again after hours. Once I got home I spent the remainder of the evening in bed.

Day three was a workshop with my team and similar teams. Funnily enough the woman coordinating the workshop describe herself as an introvert, because she doesn’t get energy from other people instead people drain energy FROM her. And right then I completely understood her! I felt like someone had sucked the life out of me! I’ve been in day long meetings with lots of people before but not for three days straight. I’ve always shied away from the introvert label as I’m not a shy person. But I do like quiet nights at home over social hour at the bar. Queue another night in a quiet, dark room.

All of last weekend was a struggle for me to find my energy again. I wanted to make something different, but I couldn’t seem to come up with anything and found myself with the recent Hero Arts kit again. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a great kit. But I wanted something, I don’t know, wow, I guess. Instead I felt blah. Then I started to feel sick (I blame all the people with the out of town germs).

I usually write my blog post for the week on Sunday. But I ended up in bed at 6:00 pm on Sunday, with nothing written. Around 8pm or so I knocked out two quick post on my phone (big thank you to my sister Noel who started proof reading my posts). I’ve been fighting a low grade fever all week. My post for Wednesday was written while on lunch at work. I’m too stubborn to actually admit I’m sick, so I didn’t miss any work. But by 5pm I was ready for bed every night. I just had to make it to Thursday and then I had a four day weekend!

Here I am, Sunday morning of the four day weekend and I still don’t have my mojo back. I’m still feeling crappy and I am struggling to make a card. I’ve tried coloring images (more on that in another post). I went out and bought some watercolor pencils to try. I’ve flipped through Pinterest. I got nothing.

So, this long rambling post was so I could ask: what do you do to get your mojo back? Help me here, please!

Thanks for sticking with me through this and any typos are my own! I didn’t give my sister a chance to proof read this one!


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